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Check out this new Innovative Solution from nVent SCHROFF!  The Rack Safety Plus is a new PDU developed in collaboration with test and measurement OEMs to protect and connect electronics within 19″ cabinets. The Rack Safety Plus includes power entry, power distribution, and safety features required for operating semi-and fully automated test systems.  Here are a few reasons we think the Rack Safety Plus is an innovative solution:

1) It’s flexible: While the Rack Safety Plus is designed as one unit that integrates safety and power distribution in a 19″ case, the design is modular, allowing for individual branding and customization. Over 300,000 configurations are possible!

2) It enhances safety: The integration of e-stop functionality into the PDU provides an additional layer of safety helping prevent accidents and reducing the risk of injury. Safety certs are provided with the Rack Safety Plus, functional tests and thermal management tests are included.

3) It lowers engineering burden (time and money): nVent SCHROFF’s online configurator for the Rack Safety Plus allows you to modify the unit in just 5 minutes. Design files and quotes are provided online.