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In Aerospace, EMC is a Matter of life and death.  What do you do about a plane’s engine quitting every time the radio is switched on?

While new electronic devices and systems have made aircraft safer and more enjoyable overall, the potential EMI that results can be disastrous at thousands of feet in the air.  Such was the case for pilot Louis Gabriel, owner of Blind Luck Racing. Each time he turned on his Lancair 360’s radio in flight, the engine quit. While a working engine obviously takes priority over the radio, being cut off from communications in flight is also extremely dangerous.  Learn how EMI was found to be the cause and how the issue was solved in Case Study: Mitigating EMI Takes More Than Blind Luck.

The case study explores:

  • The issues Blind Luck Racing faced in modifying and designing their aircraft
  • The months-long, expensive diagnosis and troubleshooting process
  • Multiple attempted solutions including different radios, external radios, and different antennae
  • How the EESeal® EMI Filter Connector Insert successfully fixed the problem
  • How the EESeal can solve space and affordability issues when it comes to preventing EMI

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